Fresh Air is Over-Rated #196 – Bottle Throwin’ Mofos


The guys are back to discuss a whole lot of stuff this week, we actually went over our usual 2 hours. We talked about Metal Gear Survive’s reveal, Final Fantasy XV’s delay, VR and a few other video game items. As far as the wrestling goes, it was mostly just talking about RAW and Smackdown. Then for the MMA news we talked about the most exciting thing, bottle throwing!


Fresh Air is Over-Rated #195 – Gaming News… Soon!

September 7th! Get ready! Gaming news will descend upon us! Until now we can only talk about how we’re excited, sorta? Turns out the new XBox runs games better as well. As for wrestling entertaining week with plenty to discuss, and MMA actually interconnect this week in an interesting way. Seems most wrestlers don’t know Conor is only doing it for show.


Fresh Air is Over-Rated #194 – I’m Back

Stiner is back! It turns out the guys have conflicting views on launch prices and what the next Nintendo system should be. We also discuss the new NEW era in WWE, post-split. Kurbzz really hates JBL and Wildmatt can’t stand Dolph Ziggler. We then touch upon UFC 201 and the Tyron Woodley mess that occurred afterwards.