The Blog Archives Are Back!!!

But in doing so, I broke the stuff from June 2016 until now. I thought I was on the home stretch with this one, and BLAM! Whoops, new blog is gone forever. For now I plan on re-doing that and way more once things start rolling again. 🙂 For now, just consider this your warning, and why you’re currently seeing old content with broken images, that will come back momentarily.

Fresh Air is Over-Rated #205 – Switch Redemption

It’s a good thing there was some video game news to discuss this week! It was short on the pro-wrestling and MMA side this episode, so glad to see video games step up. Nintendo revealed the Switch, their new system, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a thing and a long more.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #204 – NO CRASHES

Stiner and Wildmatt await Kurbzz’s call all show long! Do they receive said call? Tune in to find out, we do get to discuss the PSVR though. A lot of MMA news such as Conor’s 150k fine, Henderson’s career ending fight and more!

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #203 – Disrespectful

This week we speak more about VR, the mini-NES performance and a few other gaming items. As far as wrestling goes this week, Ric Flair thinks he had sex with Halle Berry. For MMA, we talk about the Toronto event, Bisping vs Henderson and the idiots who missed weight last week.

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