Insidious Classics #1: FAIOR s2e1

I’ll be doing this on the tv. site for awhile, so get used to this and listen up!

This is Insidious Classics, a blast from the past, this week is Fresh Air is Over Rated (episode 1, season 2) back from June 31st 2004, on Gamers’ Circle, a now defunct site. This was the weekly audio source for the site, season 2 is very much like the format we use now that I listen to it. Although the first season was filled with stuff like quizzes and other fun stuff. If I’m not mistaken there’s 12 episodes of these, but I wouldn’t know as this is the only one I managed to hold on to.

Next week we’ll take a look at something totally different, Click Talk.

EDIT 03/12/2009: O.k. so this is an old show I started in 2003 which I just stole the name of… that is all

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