1 Hour Review Live #0.5 – Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf *UPDATED*

Alright this was supposed to be the debut edition of 1 Hour Review Live, but the audio was screwed up, even though I saw the VU meter reading my mic. Last chance for Ustream is next weeks Insidious, if it fucks up again, I’ll move over to stickam! So take this as the pilot episode or #0.5 if you will. It features Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf for the NES, but you can see where we’re going with this.

I left a present for you guys after the jump.

*UPDATE* The audio is now working apparently, this episode still sucked, so it’ll remain 0.5! As for R.C. Pro-Am, it’s totally down at the moment, so we will await it’s fate.

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