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So this is my first review with a new format ever since I started writing, back in 2002. I will try to highlight the best of the best parts, and the worst of the worst and garble all that info up and give you a score out of 5.

Payback is a GTA-style top down game for the iPhone. You get 3 modes of play, story which strangely contains barely no story and it’s missions through 6 chapters. It starts off slow however it does ramp up near the end, moving on to the next mode, Challenge. This mode give you a mission at a time and you play them till you die. Rampage is essentially a mode stolen from GTA, you just kill and cause as much wrath as possible. There’s 11 maps total maps.

Controls are spot on for this title. You have a punch/shoot/attack button, a enter/leave vehicle button and a left and right direction button. Left and right are controlled with the accelerometer, which means you tilt it. There’s even a mini on-screen steering wheel that let’s you know how much you’re tilting.

Paypack Image 2

The graphics are pretty great except for the few exceptions. The cop cars look like shit, quite frankly, I can’t believe how shitty it is compared to the other cars. Some buildings look strange, the landscape at some spots overlap each other. Fences are near invisible at spots and so are light posts at times. There’s no animation what-so-ever besides for walking so, opening a car door? Punching a cop? Standing next to a light pole? I don’t know, they all look the same. Entering vehicles is also problematic, sometimes it doesn’t look like you make it in, but you do anyways, They’re just small nagging things that overall, still makes a fine looking game. For example, explosions look fantastic as does, smacking a pedestrian with your car.

The gameplay is a mixed bag. Driving feels good however crashing isn’t, there’s no excitement behind hitting a cop car, unless your using a tank of course. The big letdown with driving is… driving fast, is damn near impossible. I’ll just quickly mention there’s a helicopter, tank and boat, they all control fine.

The on-foot controls aren’t bad when you’re moving around, and shooting isn’t terrible either, it’s just hard. It all depends where you are in the game, in the Rampage mode you mostly always have shit to roll up people with. In the Story mode the beginning is rather slow, but it picks up near the end.

Payback 3

Getting away from the cops is pretty easy, as the actual police AI is bad. If you ram a cop car, they won’t do anything, it just seems weird. The only thing they do is, they sorta chase you around and set up road blocks. At times they get aggressive, but that happens less often then I’d like it to.

The sound is lackluster, what’s there is excellent, beside some dialog like “here’s 20,000 points” but there’s not enough of it there. The music is hit-or-miss, but there isn’t enough here nor is there enough variety. I really enjoyed “Headlights”, which is in the video, but no other stand outs.

Overall this game is a get’er. 4/5 for version 1.02, if they end up fixing the nagging visual problems and minor gameplay hitches, you can bet I will update the score.

Top 3 PROS:
– Graphics overall are great
– Full soundtrack
– Intriguing missions, especially near the end

Top 3 CONS:
– Not enough music
– Cops are kind of stupid

So to repeat myself 4/5!

You can get this game via the appstore on iTunes right here for $6.99!

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