Tiger Woods PGA Tour (iPhone) Mini-Review

Tiger Woods is EA’s yearly golfing game and this marks the first attempt at bringing it to the iDevices. They have introduced an amazing swing mechanic, truly this is the best reason to get this game. So you swipe your finger down for your power, and upwards for your accuracy. The subtleties is what makes this awesome, for example to fade or draw your shot, you need to draw a curve.

Where the many, many problems of Tiger Woods begins is it’s difficulty, it’s just too easy. Even with the fantastic controls here, you’d think from here on out, it’s smooth sailings, but it isn’t. The putting may as well just be automatically done every time, regardless of whether you’re 5 feet or 50 feet away, odds are you’ll nail the putt. The physics are a little weird I find, the ball rolls a bit much, sand traps could be stickier, but worst of all the flag stick has zero affect on your ball.

In terms of graphics, I only really have 1 game to compare it with and that’s Let’s Golf. This doesn’t even come close, it doesn’t look good and has many issues with clipping. One time, I saw a golfer walk out of a bunker by walking through a hill. The golfers always acknowledge the crowd after a good shot, even though there is no one there. You love the camera angles? Great, because you’ll keep seeing the same ones over and over.

The game only has 3 characters but allows you to “create” one. I say that in quotes because you get 1 male face, 1 female face, a short and long sleeve shirt and then your choice of pants or shorts. That’s it, plus you can’t remove the hat. There’s zero unlockables, although you can edit stats with the money you earn in PGA tour mode. For whatever reason however, it’s not in the PGA tour menu, you have to go to options and edit them there. You can spend all your money and then have no money left over for tournaments, but that’s o.k., that play now option also earns you money, which the game just totally ignores and doesn’t tell you.

I don’t want to be all bad about it but seriously, I can’t be too positive about it, even the sound sucks. The damn irons make the ping noise the drivers make, what the fuck!?

Anyways there’s a great game lying under here but right now, the only way to have fun with this game is with friends, up to 4 as a matter of fact. It has 7 courses to play on which is great, but for the price tag of $9.99, this is not worth it.

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