Dishonored – Written Review

When I first saw the Dishonored Trailer on FAIOR I was immediately intrigued, steam punk meets Fallout with magic? but any which way, it looked fucken cool! With all the anticipation I placed on to this game, would I be let down?

Why are you trying to kill me?

You play as Corvo the Emperors’ body guard / fuck buddy? The Game starts off with you being framed for killing the Emperors of course this isn’t true, but the people who are now in power are the people framing you, of course. You are then sentenced to a public execution. Luckily enough, there are some people who believe you didn’t kill the Emperors. They assist in your escape. Once you finally get out, and get to safety you meet your liberators and they assist you in getting Lady Emily back from the people that arranged her mother’s death. The city of Dunwall Its self is under siege by the plague which if you play your cards right you can find out why things got so bad. Although the story is incredible predictable there’s still a lot of background information on what’s happening to the city and to the people. To put it simply, there where areas in the game I never even realize you could get to in my first play through.

How the hell did I get all the way up here? Oh yeah blink.

The graphics on the PC look pretty damn nice. the game runs smooth and the draw distances were good as well. I like the whole steam punk look, and the way they showed the different areas of Dunwall was nice. The rich had trees and flowers, so nice bright colours, but the poor people had the plague and rats, so more of a brown and dark colours to the area.

All the voice acting in the game is pretty good, but I defiantly had some sort of technical issue. The lip syncing was probably some of the worse I have ever seen, so I’m not sure if it is something to do with my setup, or if it’s the game, but it is pretty bad.

The Batman

At first the game play is additive and loads of fun, but as you progress through the relatively short game (6-7 hours) your start to realize there’s really only 2 real choices, to kill, or not to kill. I found myself left wanting in the choices you get to make or the lack there of anyway. The choice to kill seems to make the game more dark and grunge by adding more plague victims and in turn more rats to feed on the bodies you leave behind. The NOT to kill choice makes your path less treacherous by lessoning the guards level, which makes it easier to sneak around. now even with all that being said there can be some pretty drastic changes in the game and even in the story based upon the players choices. You do only get 2 choices for each mission, but the path you take to get there is up to your play style.

Stiner had to stab a bitch.
The weapons and abilities you get as Corvo are enjoyable. You get a series of conventional weapons Your primary weapon being a sword. A cross bow with 3 types of bolts, the standard bolts, incendiary bolts, and sleep darts. Springrazor (a collection of razor fitted in to a spring box. When detonated leave anyone within proximity in pieces), Grenades, and a Pistol. The “dark magic” abilities are split in to 2 types of abilities “active” and “passive” each with 2 levels, The “passive” abilities are Vitality, Blood Thirsty, Agility, and Shadow Kill which turns enemies to ash when killed by Corvo. The “active” abilities are Blink, Dark Vision, Devouring Swarm, Possession, Bend Time, and Windblast. There are also collectables, primary “Runes” and “bone charms” Runes are the way you upgrade your magic abilities, and the bone charms are perks that give your small bonuses.

This game is a great starting point for a new IP. The people at Arkane Studios did a lot of things successfully in Dishonored. The combat feels smooth, the movement and plat forming is amazing, but the predicable story of deceit and the illusion of choice as well as, the issue of it not being an open world, takes away from the replay ability, and rather than it being an amazing game it ends up being just a good one, but it’s still worth playing. It gets a 4 out of 5.

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