20 Best Memories of the Last Console Generation

This holiday season we see the release of the next generation consoles. As we all sit back and enjoy our new hardware, I couldn’t help but think of the last generation of consoles, and all of the awesome game releases, big events, and Industry changing trends. I started to think of all the best memories and moments I could recall. So many things came to my mind, everything from new controller’s designs, online gaming, couture trends, marketing and new hardware features. So what a share of you guys my 20 best memories and moments from the last generation consoles. These will not have any particular order or ranking so let’s get started.

1. Camping Out Until Midnight To Pick Up Your Game On Launch Day.
In this generation we saw AAA titles getting more mainstream so more stores would be open for a midnight release. When this happened games just seemed more important than ever before. Just imagine it’s a cold night that new game is coming out and you and a bunch of other people who love the same game are standing line. Good times all around.

2. Wireless Controllers Become Standard.
This generation wireless controllers become the new standard. My favorite controller at the time was the wavebird, so I jumped for joy for this when I heard this. No more worrying about wrapping cables again.

3. Chatting With Friends While You All Played Different Games.
I had so many wonderful moment to siting there talking my friend while playing games. It recreated the huddle around the TV experience for all the people who were limited by the distance and promoted more social interaction than ever before.

4. Playing Wii Sports for The First Time.
One of those games you can with all ages and walks of life and is always fun.

5. Watching Your Car Do Crazy Things In Burnout Paradise.
Burnout paradise is just one of those car games that everyone loved. Curling around polls doing awesome stunts sweet looking cars, it was the shining example of a fun arcade car game.

6. Dropping The Companion Cube Down The Hole.
We all hated ourselves when we had to throw the Companion Cube down there.

7. Rock Band Party’s!
One of the best fads we ever had in gaming history the rhythm game! You cannot deny that some of the best memories were bringing your instruments and your buddy’s instruments over to a friend’s house and rocking out, pretending to be rush.

8. Indie Games And Their Impact on Game Design.
Braids ending, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dear Esther, ripping a spider’s limbs off in Limbo are just a few examples of what the indies would bring to the table when it came the game design of telling a story through an interactive medium. With Xbox live arcade we saw a huge increase in the titles being marketed to the mainstream and not just on PC.

9. Buying a Digital Game Day One.
The last generation introduced us to Buying games digitally so us lazy gamers no longer had to get up to buy a game. And back in the day I was so amazed about this and now I’ve grown to expect it.

10. Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death
One of the most famous things that happen last generation! I think we all had to do the towel trick at one point in our Xbox 360 career.

11. Falling Train in Uncharted 2
Frantically climbing up this train was a memory we all will never forget. Something about that scene was very exciting and got our heart pounding. I was fully immersed in that scene I will never forgot how awesome it was.

12. Journey’s Most Picturesque Stages
Journey was just one of those games that took you through an experience and is one of the fondest memories I have playing on the PS3.

13. Netflix app on Your System
Guys i am not going lie… At one point in history my Xbox 360 become a Netflix box.

14. Slaying Your Very First Dragon in Skyrim.
It’s more of a rite of passage that you killed the first dragon in this game. It’s a game that everyone played. Everyone remembers the the day they killed the first dragon.

15. Spotting a Herd of Giraffes in The Last Of Us.
This is one of the best gaming scenes in the last generation. After going through a hard, ruff, dark, sad road this whole game. These fucking giraffes come along and show you there is something we’re surviving for, and that there is some nice things left in this world, and I think we all just stood there for a while and just enjoyed the scene.

16. Bioshock’s Whole “Would You Kindly” Twists
That moment blew my mind in half

17. Bioshock Infinite Ending
This ended up blowing the remaining half of my mind.

18. Street Fighter Iv’s Trailer
After this trailer was revealed and came out everybody knew that fighting games were back and let me tell you they come back all right!

19. Shooting Zakhaev / Nuke Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
It was the first COD to change up how a shooter can be played, it also had a solid story that is similar to an AAA action movie. Killing Zakhaev at the end was very rewarding after going through the whole story trying to stop this guy. The nuke scene also was surprising at the time because it was the first COD to include a shock moment witch is standard now.

20. MGS4: Going Through The Oven Hallway / Ending
This moment was one of the best not only for it being the last game in the series but Going down the microwave hallway By repeating the pressing the button you actually work up a sweat. This causes you to feel snakes pain as well, and then the fake out ending were big boss was alive the whole time.

Well those are my personal most memorable moments in the last generation consoles, there were many more that I left out. It was really hard to condense them down to 20 but I did my best. Let me know what some we’re your most memorable moments over in the forums.

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