Whoa 360 Pulling a PS3!?

Word on the street is that some “insider source” spilled the beans about the 360. Supposably they are clearing out the current batch of Cores and Premiums to ship them out with HDMI ports and add a new 65nm processor chip. It is being said that these things will just quietly be moved in stores around end of August, beggening of September. Treat this as a rumor, even if true, I doubt Microsoft will adjust the prices once these are out though.

We Get An Even Bigger Price Drop!

While we watched the price of the Premium drop by $50 american, we got an ever bigger suprise, the Premium AND the Core are each going down by $100! So the Premium will cost $399 and the Core $299. Which is exciting news because it’s only $10 more then the Wii, think about that for a second, totally messed up but we’ll see if it pays off.

Microsoft Confirms Price Cuts, Plus A Green Xbox!!

After weeks of rumors and leaked flyers, Microsoft today confirmed that starting Wednesday the systems will go down in price. If you don’t remember it was $50-Premium, $30-Elite and $20-Core… Too bad about the Core, I would of rather Microsoft make it an even playing field vs the Wii, might of made it very interesting.

What’s this another SKU? Yeah that’s right if you can’t remember it because of that robot Microsoft guy at E3, what the hell was that about, if you ask me perfect time to bring back J Allard! Anyways the Spartan Green will basically be a Premium Xbox 360, no not even Halo can get an Elite. No Canadian price announced yet, but expect around the $450 mark.

80GB PS3 Officially On Sale, 60GB We Barely Knew You

The new 80GB PS3 SKU is officially on sale here in Canada and it’s going for a whopping $649.99. Seems crazy to pay that for 20GB more space, not to mention you could already have a more then 60GB one if you were clever enough to realise it’s just a standard notebook hard drive. It comes with Motorstorm for a “limited time” so right now it doesn’t seem like a hard pill to swallow, although what happens once the “limited time” has reached it’s limit, I can’t see them selling it for the same price. Either way if I were you and you are some what tempted at getting the PS3, now the time and get the 60GB before it’s gone.

Quake III Arena for XBLA, Quake Zero In Development

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead announced that Quake III Arena is already under development for the Xbox Live’s Arcade, Todd was happy about the Doom numbers so adding this one is was barely any problem. No date has been announced yet, but just the fact that it’s coming out is more then enough.

In other id news Quake Zero is also being made, nothing was announced other then it’ll use the Quake III engine. So maybe another Arcade release on an online release, we’ll have to wait an see eh?

Microsoft Opens Repair Shop (Online)

Microsoft has opened their online repair shop for all those broken xbox 360’s (mind you I’ve had mine for over a year without any problems)

For those of you who are looking for a BioShock demo on the PC, it is in the works and will be out later this month. I’ll give you more details about it tomorrow.

So their you have it, and I’m guessing we’ll have more info about it tomorrow.

Harmonix “Dying” to Release Rock Band

Who ever’s not looking foward to Rock Band are crazy! Even Harmonix are anxious about releasing it, here’s what Alex Rigopulos, CEO and co-founder of Harmonix, had to say:

All of the major systems are complete. As is normally the case in beta, there’s plenty of bug-fixing to be done, finishing off of various details, and lots of play-testing, polishing and tuning. We’re dying to cross the finish line and get this thing out into the world!

So don’t waste your time talking to the media, just get it done!