Bad Game Wednesdays #18 – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (NES)

Welcome to another installment of bad game here on For number 18 we have probably one of the dumbest movie/game concept ever.

O.k. so the movie wasn’t bad at all, definitely a classic. The game on the other hand is total garbage.

I’m not sure if you can get a weapon or something but the only thing you can do is jump. If there’s a weapon, it’s news to me, as I couldn’t bear playing a second longer.

I’d rank this one way the fuck up there in terms of horrible games, I said it before and I’ll say it again, try at own risk.

Bad Game Wednesdays #17 – Silver Surfer (NES)

This game had a nice concept, one that past games succeeded in doing. Silver Surfer is a side-scrolling and top-scrolling shooter where you control (well obviously) Silver Surfer. It’s pretty much a standard shooter with powerups and loads of action on screen.

The problem with this game is you die if you touch ANYTHING. Touch a roof your dead, touch a bullet your dead, touch the rocks your dead. It’s a really frustrating game, I’ve only ever finished half a level! If you wanna give it a go, enjoy.