Bad Game Wednesdays #6 – MKA (GBA)

O.k. before watching this, I’m a veteran Mortal Kombat player. I got the original game on SNES and MK3 for SNES as well. I wasn’t too shaby, and found some success online on XBLA.

This is the first time I play Mortal Kombat Advance ever, and wow quite terrible indeed. Everything ever said about it was true sadly.

So watch me use Sub-Zero (or technically Sub-Zero’s brother I guess) as I face off against Scorpion then (I guess the real) Sub-Zero.

Bad Game Wednesdays #5 – WWF Wrestlemania (NES)

I remember growing up watching Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage amongst others. Anyways this was the first wrestling game for consoles and I was pumped when I got it.

So imagine this, a game I can’t wait to play. Expectations are high. The game turns out to be complete garbage, top it off with some shit representing my expectations and WWF Wrestlemania is what you end up with.

As you watch me try to pin Million Dollar Man as I use Honky Tonk Man and me getting owned as “Macho Man” Randy Savage destroys Hulk Hogan; remember to get the ROM, but of course if you don’t own the original cartridge, delete it within 24 hours.

Bad Game Wednesdays #3 – California Raisins: The Grape Escape (NES)

Featured this week on bad game California Raisins: The Grape Escape. It’s cast is.. you guessed it the famous Raisins from the 80’s. It’s not that it’s a bad game it’s just a horrible concept, so much so that this FINISHED game never saw the light of day. There’s 5 levels in a Mega Man style choosing your path kind of thing, before you start making any Mega Man references, yes this is a Capcom game.

Anyways find the ROM and delete it right away because if you have this cartridge… well good for you!

Bad Game Wednesdays #2 – T&C Surf Design (NES)

This is the second Bad Game Wednesdays here on Megascorcher. You might have noticed we only did one game so far, but we’re now back for good after a great holiday off!

This is T&C Surf Design released by LJN, that’s where Acclaim sent all their shit to die, after all look at Acclaim now. Anyways you get to surf and skateboard in this game, that’s it!