Fresh Air is Over-Rated #02 – The Sonic Show

Hells yes, this I like, no changes from the first episode… Except now I actually have stuff written down and an outline for the show!

Me(Wildmatt) and Kurbzz are at it again discussing the games we’ve played this week, including Killzone 2! We also comment on the news of the week like LittleBigPlanet and take the calls.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #01 – The Ken Show

Our first official show, gg. So the naming of the show comes from the opening VG song. The show’s intro was also introduced in this episode. Me and Kurbzz had some Skype problem right off the bat, great start!

We talk about what we’ve played, the news of the week, and take some calls.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #00 – Pilot Episode

This was the debut show. We labeled it with a big “under testing” sticker to let people know that if it went horribly wrong, we had an excuse. Although the first show went perfectly fine and we’re planning to keep on, keeping on.

This show focuses on the news of the week, what the hell will our name be, Killzone 2 demo impressions, the trivia challenge and of course the callers.

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Insidious Classics #1: FAIOR s2e1

I’ll be doing this on the tv. site for awhile, so get used to this and listen up!

This is Insidious Classics, a blast from the past, this week is Fresh Air is Over Rated (episode 1, season 2) back from June 31st 2004, on Gamers’ Circle, a now defunct site. This was the weekly audio source for the site, season 2 is very much like the format we use now that I listen to it. Although the first season was filled with stuff like quizzes and other fun stuff. If I’m not mistaken there’s 12 episodes of these, but I wouldn’t know as this is the only one I managed to hold on to.

Next week we’ll take a look at something totally different, Click Talk.

EDIT 03/12/2009: O.k. so this is an old show I started in 2003 which I just stole the name of… that is all