Hot Flash Fridays #19 – Cuboy: Hot Pants

When I first played this game, I was unimpressed, however I kept playing and thought it was rather addictive and sort of funny. The opening cinematic is definitely worth sticking around for. As for the gameplay, it’s rather simple you go down a series of cubes, trying to avoid the lava. After I finished playing, the screen still looked like it was scrolling and it looked wavy, I haven’t felt that sensation since the original Guitar Hero. So go check it out.

Newgrounds: Cuboy: Hot Pants

Hot Flash Fridays #18 – Robo Rampage

The thing I liked about this title was it’s originality. Yes, it’s a standard shooting game but the way you accumulate points, is by how high you can stack your kills. The game gets increasingly difficult as you play and there’s a new enemies thrown in here and there, with bosses spiced in occasionally. Go check it out, it’s definitely worth it.

Newgrounds: Robo Rampage

Hot Flash Fridays #17 – 3D Target Shooting

This is a pretty sweet little flash game that utilizes your webcam to change your perspective. All you need is a webcam and your mouse! Aim with your mouse to shoot the target, but watch out for obstructed views by walls. All you need to do is physically move your head, in order to look around walls to get the shot! GG, dev on this interactive game!

Newgrounds: 3D Target Shooting – V2

Hot Flash Fridays #15: VVVVVV Demo

VVVVVV is an indie game you game buy at for $15, but they have a flash demo you can try! It’s the first 2 levels (I think), you can’t jump, but you can reverse the gravity making this titles extremely original, fun and frustrating at times. It’s definitely got that old school difficulty thing going on and great music to go along with it; I would suggest you give the demo a try and then decide if you want the full version

Newgrounds: VVVVVV Demo

Hot Flash Fridays #13: Envbirobear 2000

This week’s Hot Flash Fridays is an interesting game: Envirobear 2000: Operation: Hibernation. The point of this game is to drive your car through bushes and ponds to get berries and fish. The more you eat, the faster you can hibernate. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it’s not. If you hit a tree, you’ll get the possibility of knocking down a badger or even a bee. Hit a rock and everything from rocks to boulders can fall in your car. When you play this game, you need to look out for things like pinecones and leaves that accumulate as you hit trees. These objects, in addition to the berries and fish themselves, can push down your gas pedal and make your car lurch forward when you don’t want it moving. Lose control of your car enough and you can even make it flip.

This game(also available on the iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99) will waste a few minutes to a healthy chunk of your time, but if you play one flash game where you help a bear get food so it can hibernate this week, make it this one.

Hot Flash Fridays #12 – Infectonator!

Hot Flash Friday's #12

Infectonator is a a game that simulates the destruction of the human race in less than 60 seconds. The 13 levels are a breeze to beat, but can be difficult to perfect. You only get one shot per level, so upgrade your virus as you see fit.

WARNING: The sound is a bit loud. Turn down your volume a few notches.