Insidious 01.15.08 – Troublesome Start

Yeah the VOD I captured is as bad as this but slightly better quality, and my youtube is being stupid, I can’t upload anything!

Anyways this was supposed to be the sweet new start at Insidious in 2008, but it was riddled with lag problems due to my PC and then we had the audio problem right off the bat. However we pulled through these problems and manage to due a half decent show with an Assassin’s Creed review to top it off. You get to see some behind the scene stuff with these problems.

P.S.: Yeah, I know I need a new PC.

Insidious Classics #1: FAIOR s2e1

I’ll be doing this on the tv. site for awhile, so get used to this and listen up!

This is Insidious Classics, a blast from the past, this week is Fresh Air is Over Rated (episode 1, season 2) back from June 31st 2004, on Gamers’ Circle, a now defunct site. This was the weekly audio source for the site, season 2 is very much like the format we use now that I listen to it. Although the first season was filled with stuff like quizzes and other fun stuff. If I’m not mistaken there’s 12 episodes of these, but I wouldn’t know as this is the only one I managed to hold on to.

Next week we’ll take a look at something totally different, Click Talk.

EDIT 03/12/2009: O.k. so this is an old show I started in 2003 which I just stole the name of… that is all

Insidious – Week of 11.13.07 – The Waterfall

Welcome to Insidious, we’re back this week with some added production values such as, new and exciting camera angles, awesome studio lights (which are just lamps), and a nice intro and credits roll. Anyways in all seriousness, we’ll talk about the Bioshock PS3 happenings, the new Xbox update and the waterfall of games coming out this week. You get this and more, plus you get to find out what the fuck is going on in the picture … psssttt click on the picture.