Cloverfield: Thoughts

Alright well I just saw Cloverfield at the midnight showing Sunday, and I have to say, we have the first must see of the year. If you get motion sickness, I can understand why you might not like the film but outside that, you will love this film. I will not discuss anything related to the plot. What I will say though is go see this film as soon as you can! Another thing we’ll probably talk about it some more on Insidious this week, so feel free to call in during the show guys.

J.J. Abrams, you’ve done it again! Now I’m really pumped for season 4 of Lost.


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Apologies go out to everyone for my stupidity. Bad Game Wednesdays was suppose to be the first video feature to feature a mini-review but my notebook started acting dumb and I had to format it. Right now I’m on the college’s notebook and happy to post these 3 videos of me playing Rock Band.

NOTE: As you can see the videos quality in terms of frames per second took a pretty noticable hit and with Insidious so close I’d like to take care of the situation now, rather then later.

Tuesday Treat

Well Tuesday is where Insidious, our weekly live look into the week that was gaming, usually takes place. Why isn’t it here? Well simply because we’re still on break and scheduled to be back next week!

While you wait we have 2 videos for you:

Special Look At T&C II: Thrilla’s Surfari

Firstly we have a look at the terrible T&C sequel, that’s right it got a sequel. Thrilla’s Surfari is a really hard game but better then the original, that was granted. If you love games where you have to remember everything, this ones for you!

Lost Insidious – 11.12.07

This was suppose to be our lazy edition number 2, where we just played Halo 3. As you can see there was a problem with the camera and we decided to cancel.

Hacking Thursdays #1 – Megaman 2 – Wily’s Conquest

Check out this awesome hack for Megaman 2, it’s called Wily’s Conquest. It features totally new levels, new enemies alongside some tweaks like speed, energy bar and more.

Overall this hack’s worth getting, there’s some problems with it though which get demonstrated in the video. Take the battle with Flashman for example, it only uses 1 door for entrance into the battle and the 2nd door is hidden all the way to the right. Go close to it and you’ll glitch to a room with nothing in it.