Brothers In Arms (iPhone / iPod Touch) – Gameplay Video + Mini-Review

Brothers in Arms was released on the app store on November 23rd, 2008. Since then it has gotten a price-drop from $9.99 to now $5.99. Keep that in mind.

Anyways graphically it looks pretty great! Like an upgraded PS1 game, however when I looked it up, this was an N-Gage game originally. So I’m sure Gameloft is happy about the iPhone and app store. There are weird looking things of course, the tank rocks back and forth when you hit it with a rocket or grenade. When you use the rocket launcher, if you aim high up and shoot, you won’t get to see the destruction, because you’ll have to reload. The high points of the graphics though is the destructable environments, and the overall action on the screen at once is awesome! The framerate rarely drops too.

The sound is fantastic for a iPod Touch game! You hear people dying, shooting is intense and overall it’s just great. The music’s well done and mixes in great with gameplay. The one negative is the vehicle noises are a bit on the weak side.

The gameplay is great and will differ on your opinion of the controls. There’s I believe there’s 3 control schemes, you can have 2 on-screen analog sticks, which I suggest you to stay away from. I forget some but the default one’s the best, 1 stick for movement, drag thumb to move crosshair and a shoot button. The grenade button, the action specific button and the weapon/pause screen button never change. Having said all of this, the controls are great after you’ve gotten used to them. The negative I can give to the controls is the “analog” stick isn’t really analog, you can only control your character in 8 degrees of direction (as opposed to 360).

This is very much a Call of Duty type game from a third person perspective, the reason I said this is because you know what to expect from what the game is. You shoot nazis in this WWII shooter, surprise! The aiming is a little forgiving, you don’t always have to be perfectly aiming at them to nail them. There’s a bit of an auto-aim to it as well. You throw grenades by tilting your device to aim it’s trajectory. Tanks are pretty easy to destroy as long as you have grenades, you just need to run up to them and throw a ‘nade in there.

The absolute worst part of this game is the vehicles. The jeeps control with an on-screen steering wheel, and reverse and forward button. It just doesn’t work good, and the truck looks weird while moving, it’s like bouncing around. The tanks control like you walk, which makes it weird because, you only have 8 directions to go in. So in the end, I just go forward and control with the aiming.

So overall this game was well worth it when I bought it at $9.99, so if you like shooters, pick this one up!

Check it out on iTunes here.

Hero Of Sparta – iPhone (Gameplay video + Mini Review)

Alright so Hero of Sparta’s pretty much a knock off of God of War from Gameloft, for mobiles. It has fantastic graphics and o.k. audio, it has a glitch of occasionally looping a sound, which ironically happens in the video. The gameplay’s pretty great, it gives you a number of weapons to upgrade (I think it’s 5 or 6,) which there’s no way you’ll have time to upgrade all in 1 play. The weapons have different abilities like making the downed enemies give out more health pick ups. The same enemies appear over and over, the bosses become enemies, till you get near the end. You also get focus kills which are great for the first couple times only let’s you use the sword to do them. There’s no weapon specific ones so they get repeated over and over. They only differ on which enemy you attack.

The controls work great, especially the analog control, you can make him walk, run and go in any direction 360° with ease. You have 2 buttons attack and defend, and the attack button has a slider, which pulls off your weapon specific special. The only thing I wish it had was a dedicated jump button, which you can jump, but only at specific areas.

So overall with the recent price drop, making it $5.99 from $9.99, I’d definitely suggest getting this.