FanEXPO 2014 Sunday Photos

Hey! Techcore here with Day 4 of FanEXPO’s hall photos.

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Anime North 2014: Friday Photos

I’m really sad I wasn’t able to capture the vivid and amazingness of the cosplayers on Friday. While I’m honing on my skills at photography, I want to express my sincerest gratitude and astonishment for all the great cosplayers and costumers I saw this day! I’m sorry I didn’t do you justice, but you were all freaking amazing!

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Anime North 2014: Thursday Photos

I usually skip pre-registration, but this year I decided to pick up my pass early as opposed to Day 1. To my surprise, not only did I see a long and winding line-up, but many people in their cosplay (or half of their cosplay!) I probably should have known that there would be cosplayers in line for Anime North 2014’s pre-registration and weapons check, but I’m glad I brought my camera today!

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