The Blog Archives Are Back!!!

In doing so though, I broke all the blog articles from June 2016 until now. I thought I was on the home stretch with this one, and BLAM! Whoops, new blog is gone forever. For now I plan on re-doing that and way more once things start rolling again. 🙂 For now, just consider this your warning, and why you’re currently seeing old content with broken images, that will come back momentarily.

Some Strange Shit Is Going On With The Site, We’re Looking Into It

The site just went buggy, we’ll trying to figure out what exactly happened. Luckily we backup the site once or twice a week, so worse comes to worse, we’ll just have to roll back the site a bit.

*Update* Everything seems to have balanced itself out, don’t worry it was not a hack, nothing was taken. Purely a bug, I’m assuming it was the server, will get back to you with more info when I have it.