Bioshock PC Users Enraged!

The demo has been on Live for a solid 2 hours now, and already PC’s everywhere are feeling lonely, while their users are letting their rage be known.

For those of you who are looking for a BioShock demo on the PC, it is in the works and will be out later this month. I’ll give you more details about it tomorrow.

There you have it, and I’m guessing we’ll have more info tomorrow.

Bioshock Demo Impressions

The demo is bananas, it’s so crazy that I had to use a word I hate! This has been a great time for demos on Xbox Live and I just want to thank everyone involved in this, and EA’s Skate is coming up Wednesday!

Anyways like I said it’s bananas and if you don’t have a 360, either because you choose not to or you’re a fanboy who’s too stupid to wake up. Whoa. I don’t want this to because I fanboy thing. The demo sets you right at the beginning of the game, your plane crashes into the sea and you’re off. You meet a fellow that helps you via the elevator’s radio, along the way you shoot stuff, electrocute and burn them as well. It also lasted me around 30 minutes but I was taking it all in.

The graphics are stunning, when you’re in the water after the plane crash, the flames, the water, the plane, so beautiful! When you pass into flowing water your vision becomes a little blurry, the effects when you get knocked out and inject yourself are nice! I could continue talking about it but I can’t say enough about it.

The AI is great, when you burn someone and there’s water near by, they’ll jump into it. The electricity ability stuns your foes, or if they’re standing in water, and you aim for it, it’ll straight up kill them.

The siblings also make an appearance in the demo, the little sister seems crazy and the big brother will haunt your dreams, the short time he’s in it, you’ll want to look away!

Overall the demo left me wanting MORE! Which is what every demo aims to do, and this one did it well.

Bioshock Demo Now On Marketplace

All I’m gonna say is it’s 1.35GB, stop reading, go play it!

UPDATE: We’ve been getting scattered reports on the marketplace not working, luckly I’ve got the demo before it went down, people are going bonkers over the demo so hold your horses if the marketplace isn’t working. I will be back later with my impressions.

Call of Duty 4 Deploying in Early November?

Eurogamer is saying they got a “senior brand manager” to spill the beans and made him admit that they date for the UK is November 9th, so that would probably bring the North American Date to either November 6 or 13. The UK releases their shit on Fridays while we release our shit on Tuesdays which the 6th and 13th is the 2 closest Tuesdays.

Even though this isn’t confirmed, why does it seem plausible? Well all the other CoD’s came out late October-early November, the game pretty much looked done at E3, the game is already in beta. Not only this but CoD4 could of held it’s own against GTA IV but now that it’s been delayed, this title is pretty much one of the only games that EVERYONE wants.

Rock Band Wireless PS3 Only?

According to a mole deep inside Harmonix, he stated that the $199 price point for the entire bundle is correct and that the PS3 will be getting wireless guitars and not the Xbox 360. No word yet on other peripherals. Either way treat this as a rumor still, but if you want to start duking it out, now’s the time, it’ll allow your wounds to heal up in time for the game’s release.

Price Drop Is Confusing?

Alright first news is that Amazon is listing a “Xbox 360 with 20GB Hard Drive” for not A$349 but A$329, which is odd indeed since the price drop just happened, but they’re probably just clearing out the non HDMI 20 gigs out. Sounds like the nail has been hit in the head, but before you go buying this, it’s not a premium, but just one with all the same features, minus the HDMI… Yeah we know not a big difference, but if you need that thing don’t get it, if not then money saver!

Another thing is it seems that the Core is being alienated by the retailers and it’s existence appears to be on the brink of extinction. I called up the local Futureshop and he told me, “We are not carrying it at the moment” and even added “and doubt we ever will”. It saddens me especially since it was so close to the Wii’s price point, but I would never buy it, so I see where they’re coming from. Also the Futureshop website never mentioned the price drop for Core, so ding-dong the witch is dead.

HDMI Non-Elite 360’s Already In Stores?

I haven’t got much time to talk about it lots because the work, it’s a calling. But we’ve got word that some non-Elite HDMI enabled 360’s are hitting store shelves and there’s no warning on the package anywhere so buyer beware.

UPDATE: I just got back from work and Microsoft has confirmed that this is indeed going on in North America, and it’ll still cost $399, plus it’ll be marked on the packaging.

Eternal Sonata and Stranglehold Impressions

Let’s start off with the Eternal Sonata demo, I was very pleased with it, I never heard of this game except that it was a RPG. The demo lasts around 20 minutes or if you want to level up a bit around 30 minutes. By the end I was at level 6 and had no problem defeating the last beast. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by it and might look into buying it later on when it come out.

Now for Stranglehold, let me say I was definitely sceptical about this title at first, will the control scheme make sense, will it be easy pulling off all those sweet moves, it’s ripping off Max Payne! Well let me tell you none of those things are a problem, this is the sweetest demo I’ve played on Live so far, even better then Blue Dragon and I loved that demo. Pulling off moves like diving, running up rails and sliding over things couldn’t be easier. You unlock 3 special abilities in the demo, precision aiming, and let me tell you crotch shooting galore! Sure you can shoot people in the face, but what’s the fun in that? The other 2 ciome from beating the game, the first time you get barrage power which enables rapid-fire shots with whatever weapon you are using. The second time you beat it you get a spin attack which basically kills everyone on screen. The stand-off scenes and unbelievable, you aim with the left stick and dodge incoming bullets with the right, I can imagine some crazy moments later on in the game. Overall best demo on live I’ve played yet, also it ends pretty awesome.