New 360 Coming Soon?

The Xbox 360 Core might be getting a bit of an upgrade this Christmas season. Being dubbed the “arcade” Xbox 360, it’ll basically be a Core but with added features such as, a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, an HDMI port and 5 free arcade games. It’s also being rumored that it’ll cost the exact same price as the core of today, so that’s a plus, way more incentive to get that SKU now!

Space Giraffe and Street Trace Hitting XBLA

Space Giraffe can be best described as a tunnul shooter that vomits out so many colors at you, and throws in random gaming references along the trip, this one’s yours for only 400 MS points.

Street Trace: NYC is a futuristic hoverboard game, reminds me alot of Streak on the PS1, anyways this one’s yours for 800 MS points.

All of this is available to you this Wednesday on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Note: The site will be down at 7PM EST for approx. 10 mins.

Bioshock Makes PC’s Happy @ 7pm!

Hells yeah! Get ready PC’s to be loved again by your users as the demo is nearing launch. Bioshock demo on the PC is completely different then the 360 one (o.k. a plasmid has changed spots, that’s it) but don’t let that ruin the expirence. I just can’t wait to see where that plasmid lands in the full game.

Insidious Episode #1 – 08.17.07

Alright this is Insidious our live weekly gaming show! Today we play Beautiful Katamari, Eternal Sonata, Stranglehold, Bioshock and Ultimate Mortal Kombat III. You may ask what it’s on youtube, this isn’t live? Well no not right now, this week and the next, they’ll be pre-recorded, until I get to Sudbury to the “studio”. When we hit live you’ll know though.

NOTE: I know the video in part 1 kinda lags but it was just some technical shit, part 2’s fine
EDIT: We are now on Brightcove, it’s way better to do this sorta stuff with.

Bret Michaels to Rock Guitar Hero III

The Poison front man becomes the 2nd announced star to be in the game behind boss battle Slash from Guns ‘n Roses. It’s still unanounced what role he’ll have in the game although 2 of his songs are in, a remastering of the Poison track “Talk Dirty To Me,” and a master track from the Bret Michaels Band called “Go That Far”.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is coming out in October for the PS2, PS3, 360 and Wii.