Bioshock Demo on Hard

You know when you select difficulties hard is grayed out and you can’t select it well here’s your solution to that problem.

Before starting the demo, go to your gamer profile in the dashboard and then change your default game settings. Go to general, then change your difficulty to hard.
Now when you start the demo, hard should be highlighted when you have the option to select your difficulty. Don’t move the cursor or you will not be able to select hard again, unless you go back (B).

So there you have it, only thing I noticed that it does is drain your plasmids and health faster.

Madden NFL 08 Out Now

Yeah I doubt I need to even mention this, hardcore fans knew already and if you weren’t you probably got your head bashed in by the media reminding you. It’s not that I don’t like Madden NFL, it’s just I don’t hype myself for a game that barely changes from year to year. One good thing though, when Madden’s out, that means the flow of games is back, Stranglehold and Bioshock are right around the corner!

EA’s Skate Demo Not Tomorrow!?

Yeah remember that Skate demo I’ve been hyping for a week, it’s been delayed, it’ll be here within a week though.

The thing is: the skate.reel video upload functionality is much more technically complex than a standard offline demo. So after submitting it to MS, we got blindsided by a technical (server related) issue we needed to address. Unfortunately it wasn’t really something that could have been avoided – just an unfortunate side-effect of doing something totally new in a demo environment.

So simple as that not tomorrow, dammit!

Eternal Sonata Gameplay Video

Check it out, I’m very pleased this game found it’s way to me, because it’s a delight to play. September 17th is when this title hits the streets.

Also if you scroll down to the bottom, we also have a run-through of the Bioshock demo. Which we aired live yesterday without warning so, don’t worry we plan a weekly live show soon, you’ll be the first to know.

Sonic is in Smash Bros. Brawl

Please dammit let’s stop calling this a rumor alright, he’s in there! This is 2007 not the 90s, you people might of forgotten that Sega’s mighty empire has fallen hard, and them whoring out Sonic is no problem! As much as it hasn’t been confirmed by whomever, it’s happening! Yes all the sentences above deserved exclamation marks.

Bioshock PC Users Enraged!

The demo has been on Live for a solid 2 hours now, and already PC’s everywhere are feeling lonely, while their users are letting their rage be known.

For those of you who are looking for a BioShock demo on the PC, it is in the works and will be out later this month. I’ll give you more details about it tomorrow.

There you have it, and I’m guessing we’ll have more info tomorrow.

Bioshock Demo Impressions

The demo is bananas, it’s so crazy that I had to use a word I hate! This has been a great time for demos on Xbox Live and I just want to thank everyone involved in this, and EA’s Skate is coming up Wednesday!

Anyways like I said it’s bananas and if you don’t have a 360, either because you choose not to or you’re a fanboy who’s too stupid to wake up. Whoa. I don’t want this to because I fanboy thing. The demo sets you right at the beginning of the game, your plane crashes into the sea and you’re off. You meet a fellow that helps you via the elevator’s radio, along the way you shoot stuff, electrocute and burn them as well. It also lasted me around 30 minutes but I was taking it all in.

The graphics are stunning, when you’re in the water after the plane crash, the flames, the water, the plane, so beautiful! When you pass into flowing water your vision becomes a little blurry, the effects when you get knocked out and inject yourself are nice! I could continue talking about it but I can’t say enough about it.

The AI is great, when you burn someone and there’s water near by, they’ll jump into it. The electricity ability stuns your foes, or if they’re standing in water, and you aim for it, it’ll straight up kill them.

The siblings also make an appearance in the demo, the little sister seems crazy and the big brother will haunt your dreams, the short time he’s in it, you’ll want to look away!

Overall the demo left me wanting MORE! Which is what every demo aims to do, and this one did it well.

Bioshock Demo Now On Marketplace

All I’m gonna say is it’s 1.35GB, stop reading, go play it!

UPDATE: We’ve been getting scattered reports on the marketplace not working, luckly I’ve got the demo before it went down, people are going bonkers over the demo so hold your horses if the marketplace isn’t working. I will be back later with my impressions.