Fresh Air is Over-Rated #236 – SNES Classic, PS Now & More

Wildmatt actually played some video games this week! Stiner poo-poos the SNES classic, PS Now is already alright and just added a bunch of PS4 titles. We also discussed the E3 Critics Awards and much more.

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Sprawl & Brawl #54 – Bellator NYC Preview

It’s weird that there’s a Bellator PPV this weekend, doesn’t really feel like it. We unfortunately had to talk about alot of sad news this week, Tim Hague passed away and Matt Hughes struck by a train. The UFC women’s featherweight fiasco continues and much more.

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Sprawl & Brawl #53 – The Day After The Announcement

So much news to talk about even though we did a dedicated Floyd/Conor show! Hunt vs Lewis happened, TUF is having a good season and more. Stiner also didn’t like that Robin Black is reporting breaking news, and talks shit about him and Fight Network.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #234 – Too Much E3 2017!

The E3 conferences were all spaced out, we were both underwhelmed by it altogether, but there was still a lot of stuff to talk about. We do the usual thing of watching all the videos, join us for that!

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Sprawl & Brawl #52.5 – Floyd vs. Conor Official!

We did a spur of the moment, outta nowhere podcast! It’s all about that Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match, where it’s happening and when! Plus we speculate on the price and outcome plus many more things.

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Sprawl & Brawl #52 – TUF Redeption Quarter Finals

We talked about War Machine’s conviction, Conor McGregor on the top 25 earners in sports, DJ is pissed! We talked about the latest TUF, that has the coaches challenge and the upcoming Lewis vs Hunt card this weekend.

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