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Another obvious pick for game of the week, it’s God of War 3 for PS3. Just like previous weeks however, there’s plenty of other games to get like Metro 2033, Command and Conquer 4 and some great DLC.

March 14th
– Pokemon HeartGold Version (DS)
– Pokemon SoulSilver Version (DS)

March 15th
– 101 MiniGolf World (DSiWare)
– Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (WiiWare)
– Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare)

March 16th
– Resonance of Fate (360, PS3)
– Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (360, PS3, PC)
– Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (PC)
– Metro 2033 (360, PC)
– Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Wii)
– God of War III (PS3)

March 17th
– Perfect Dark (XBLA)

March 18th
– Wakeboarding HD (PSN)