Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Written Review

When Criterion revealed Need For Speed at E3 earlier this year, my initial reaction was ‘Why the hell are they calling this Most Wanted?’ I got over that pretty much immediately when they showed gameplay, and they won me over right there and then. Since June, I have been awaiting the release date anxiously. Here we are now, with my review of NFS: Most Wanted.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #137 – Face Fart

On this week’s show we talk about EA suing Zynga, Guillermo del Toro, the new BLOPS2 trailer & more. Not only that but Wildmatt, Kurbzz and JokerZ give you their thoughts on The Walking Dead Episode 1 & 2, supposedly it’s awesome.

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News Wrap-Up: August 18th, 2011

Alright, we’ll begin the wrap-up the same way we have during Gamecom, trailers! Armored Core V, Cobalt, Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC, PixelJunk: Sidescroller, Burnout: Crash, Tera Online and Gravity Rush

Best Buy is known for selling tech stuff like TVs, games, iPods, sound systems and more, but now they’ll be known for one more thing, pinball machines. Yep, according to a press release by STERN Pinball, their top five selling machines are coming to the retail chain. They’re not cheap at all, expect to pay between $3,799.99 – $5,999.99. Ouch, my wallet.

Elevator Action Deluxe is coming to PSN and XBLA on August 31 in Japan. The classic 80s game remake is being developed by Square Enix, and I couldn’t be happier it’s coming back. No word on a North American release yet, but I wouldn’t see why not. The game has new weapons, faster elevators and ropes.

The iOS version of Rage had a Facebook promotion going on, that if it reached 100,000 likes, it’d go free. Well that day has arrived, and id has kept their promise, so go snap up the game for free, it’s only available for a week.

Valve announced the the first (and free) DLC for Portal 2 will be available mid-September. They originally announced it as a summertime release, so I guess they’re still technically not delayed as September 21st is the last day of summer.

New screenshots for Metal Gear Solid 3DS got released, and I have to say poo poo. Wow, do those look shitty, I’ve seen better looking PS1 games. Oh well, I’m just happy I played this already and won’t have to suffer through the 3DS port.

Speaking with Kotaku, Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve said that he wants EA’s titles on Steam. He even ended the conversation saying “we’ll try to work hard with them.” Maybe this isn’t all cut-throat politics after all.

Activision has been known to say some pretty crappy things in the past, most notably from the company’s president Bobby Kotick. Although now they’ve said something that completely makes sense, speaking at the Gamescom 2011 awards, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke about EA’s comments made towards the Call of Duty series. He had to say: “We shouldn’t be tearing each other apart, fighting for a larger slice of the pie. We should all be focused on trying to grow a bigger pie. If we as an industry act like there are a finite number of games in the world, then there will be.” You can listen to his conversation here, fast forward to 35:20.