Old School: The Incredible Hulk (GEN)

I was actually getting babysat when I originally played this game. Damn, that was so long ago and I didn’t really like the game back then either, but it’s all I had. Dealing with the stupid enemy AI and the cheap feel of it all, kinda ruined the Hulk. He felt so weak, 4 hits to kill the stupidest little guys. A fun little part they added as the ability to become Bruce Banner, but he dies so quick and only occasionally has a gun with 2 bullets.

Old School: Xevious (NES)

I love shoot-em’ups and this is one of my favourites. It was interesting to see what take people had on the genre, and this one took a slow methodical approach. Your ship moved slow and the bullets didn’t exactly blaze the screen, nor did the enemies (unless they were running away.) That made the few moments of pure madness intense. This is definitely a classic.

Old School: Medal of Honor (PS1)

This game was a little after Goldeneye and is actually one of the first games I remember using a dual shock with. Control and gameplay-wise I would call this a huge step up for FPSs on consoles, shame the PS1 looked like crap. We’ll always fondly remember 2D games, but early 3D will always get looked down on, it’s just so bad. Ah well, it’s still a good game.

Old School: Road Rash 3 (GEN)

This was an interesting time in the Road Rash lineage. By the time the 3rd game came out, the 3DO/PC game entitled simply Road Rash had already been released. So not that this game was bad, it was just a step backwards. The idea of world travelling in your bike was sweet, but it just seemed like more of the same. Such a shame this series had to fizzle out.

Old School: GoldenEye 007 (N64)

We are getting closer and closer to this game being 20 years old already! Keep that in mind when you watch this because at the time GoldenEye was insanely revolutionary. It literally never happened before, not at this level and definitely not on consoles. Now-a-days, it’s a pretty terrible game. Sad but true, this game did not hold up the test of time.