Old School: The Ultimate Stuntman (NES)

I bought this game at PAX East 2012 for one reason only, the weird gold cart. It turned out to be a great buy though. This game is cool, has some variety in the gameplay, granted the formula gets repeated a few times. You pretty much play a Spy Hunter-like game, then a side scrolling platformer, then a climbing game and then a boss. It’s fun, glad I accidentally stumbled onto this one.

Real Racing (iPhone / iPod Touch) – Controls D Gameplay


This is Firemint’s Real Racing for the iPhone, available now on the app store for $9.99. If you were wondering Firemint’s last title was Flight Control for the iPhone. This has to be one of the greatest looking racers out there, alongside Need For Speed.

There’s 4 controls schemes, adjustable auto-brake, tilt sensitivity and more. I’ve yet to play it extensively, so I haven’t unlocked everything yet, but it’s looking to be a solid title.

Resident Evil: Degeneration (iPhone) – First Look

So Capcom released the cell phone port yesterday and I got my hands on it today for $6.99 off the appstore. [link]

The gameplay fits perfectly on a portable system, can’t move when you shoot, you can flick the D-pad while aiming to strafe and flick it backwards to do a quick 180. Overall I am impressed so far, look for more about it tomorrow on the show.