Old School: Pocket Fighter (WS)

I remember seeing the WonderSwan in magazines as a kid & being jealous that I could not import one from Japan. Well it’s been quite awhile and I now have acquired one. For the time this machine was amazing, it was sleek, stylist and thin. The battery pack was actually thicker than the system and used only 1 AA. It lasts quite a while too, which was a big scare to every other portable out there. The WonderSwan was also very inexpensive at the time. Which again, I was very jealous of Japan back then, funny how it’s kind of turned around now.

Old School: ESPN Hockey Night (GEN)

I never actually owned a Genesis, but man did I play a heck of a lot of it. ESPN Hockey was also available on the SNES, but I just found that out, so back then this is all I knew. It was a fun side view, TV presentation style, kind of realistic approach to a hockey video game. Overall good stuff, it’s better than alot of these sort of styled hockey titles.

Old School: Mega Man (GG)

I never owned a Game Gear, so the way I got to play this game was a setup me and my friend had. I would buy him a game I wanted, and he would buy a Game Boy game he wanted. Funny enough we both got a Mega Man game during this exchange and a good transaction it was. Not only did I get to play this weird mish-mash of Mega Man 4 & 5, but then I had a sweet Game Boy title to call my own. Funny what we used to do to play.