Old School: ESPN Hockey Night (GEN)

I never actually owned a Genesis, but man did I play a heck of a lot of it. ESPN Hockey was also available on the SNES, but I just found that out, so back then this is all I knew. It was a fun side view, TV presentation style, kind of realistic approach to a hockey video game. Overall good stuff, it’s better than alot of these sort of styled hockey titles.

Old School: The Incredible Hulk (GEN)

I was actually getting babysat when I originally played this game. Damn, that was so long ago and I didn’t really like the game back then either, but it’s all I had. Dealing with the stupid enemy AI and the cheap feel of it all, kinda ruined the Hulk. He felt so weak, 4 hits to kill the stupidest little guys. A fun little part they added as the ability to become Bruce Banner, but he dies so quick and only occasionally has a gun with 2 bullets.

Old School: Road Rash 3 (GEN)

This was an interesting time in the Road Rash lineage. By the time the 3rd game came out, the 3DO/PC game entitled simply Road Rash had already been released. So not that this game was bad, it was just a step backwards. The idea of world travelling in your bike was sweet, but it just seemed like more of the same. Such a shame this series had to fizzle out.