Removed From Play #152 – Life Is Strange Review


Hello Internet! This week we talk Life Is Strange Review, YouTube red, Dragon’s Lair movie, Sony’s eSports Platform, Harmonix reviews Rock Band and much more.

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News Wrap-Up: August 10th, 2011

The 3DS has already gone to $169.99 at some retailers, but with 2 more days left until the drop officially happens, Wal-Mart has already lowered the price. So you might want to hop on that if you want the 20 free GBA and NES games, for less. This isn’t the only 3DS news today, it now comes in red! Wow!

The newest PS3 firmware (v3.70) adds automatic trophy updating and auto-cloud saving. Although, these features are for PSN+ users only, shitty deal.

The newest add-on for Fallout: New Vegas that was scheduled for the end of the month has been delayed. The Lonesome Road DLC has been postponed, no reason has been given but Bethesda says they’re working on getting it out ASAP.

Coder yifanlu is working on reverse-engineering the PlayStation Phone to play custom ISOs. The great thing about this is he isn’t using a custom emulator, he’s using the phone’s native emulator that runs their commercially available games. Great news for owners of the machine, not so great news for Sony.

Milla Jovovich will be starring in the next Resident Evil movie entitled Retribution. It will be out in September 2012.

Rock Band 3 has a new publisher in MadCatz. The now defunct MTV Games, formerly published the Harmonix title, but they’ve now found a new partner. Not that surprising considering MadCatz has shown interest in publishing, and that they also manufacture the game’s official peripherals.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelation has a PS3-exclusive beta coming in September. PlayStation Plus or non-paying Ubisoft Uplay members will be able to test the beta starting on September 3, with the beta opening up to everyone on September 12th. The game ships on November 15th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

YES!!! Cartman’s Poker Face In Rock Band!

One of my personal favorite moments from last season’s South Park. Not only did it have one of the funniest South Park moments, but the Japanese killed all whales and dolphins thinking they were responsible for the bombing of Hiroshima, after the Americans gave them a doctored shot. Great stuff right there.

Anyways the part where Cartman sings Poker Face in Rock Band, it’s actually coming now, with Cartman singing. Then there’s a Lady Gaga pack also coming out, but who actually cares about that, Cartman! It’s out next week for all 3 consoles.