Halo 4 – Written Review

Halo 4 is about to be set out into everyone’s hands and it’s an exciting time for video games. Does the game live up to the hype set up from Bungie though? Did 343 Industries handle the franchise with care? The answer to both I believe is yes. I will go into further details after the jump, but if you were looking for more Halo, this is the game for you. The game tries very little to change things up, if at all. The graphics, sounds, presentation and gameplay are all impressive; however, the campaign and Spartan Ops leave a lot more to be desired.

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Fresh Air is Over-Rated #129 – EEE 2012 Day 01

Wildmatt and Kurbzz kick off E3 extravaganza with highlights and commentary of the big three’s press conferences. We started off with Xbox which featured Halo 4, Splinter Cell, Black Ops 2 and more. The Sony conference saw Beyond: Two Souls, Assassin’s Creed 3, The Last of Us and more. Lastly Nintendo had some Wii U stuff, a bunch of Mario and more. We wrapped up the show with the usual Stiner call and ended it.

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Bungie Farewell To Halo 2 Might Not Be As Big As We Thought

Alright, so earlier this week we posted about Microsoft announcing the shutdown of Live for the original Xbox. In preparation Microsoft took down all of the DLC for the originals, including Halo 2’s. Well Bungie had planned to play the game on April 15th, the day Live goes down but now maybe the party might be a bit smaller. Why? Well the matchmaking for Halo 2 requires you to have all the DLC, and odds are if you have all the downloadables, you’re still playing the game. I was planning on borrowing an original Xbox to do a live stream of the last moments of the system’s online, but that looks like it won’t be happening anymore.

The fanatics have pointed out that you can get the Halo Multiplayer Map Pack disc, however 3 maps were released after this. Bungie are aware of this and plan to do something about it, what? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe the DLC will go back up? That or they could just change the playlists to not include those maps.

Xbox Live To Drop Original Xbox Support This April

Microsoft have just announced that original Xbox games will no longer work on Live as of April 15th, 2010. So yes kiddies, this means your Halo 2 will not longer work after this date. Really though, there can’t be many Xbox originals that are still being played much online. There was a rumour out there that it was the originals, that stopped the 360 from having more then 100 friends on your list. Hopefully this means the list will be more then 100 at a later date, because deleting friends to make room for other friends, pretty lame.


Bungie Says No To Rumours

This screen shot led to a bunch of speculation out of the community, but Bungie shot them all down in a recent blog post. The speculation was either a bullet time mode, much like Fallout 3’s VATs. Also that it could be Natal support, but alas Bungie say it’s a glitch and even has a bug report to go along with it. The glitch occurs only in the capturing of photos, during regular gameplay it seems fine, you can bet it’ll be fixed by release.

Bungie Weekly Update: 01.29.10

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

Welcome to our E3 coverage, we’ll have a live blog happening momentarily here so stay tuned!

1:24pm EDT
Pre-conference news, Portal: Still Alive just got announced, dated for 2008 for XBLA.

1:34pm EDT
It’s started. Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2 confirmed to be talked about.

1:40pm EDT
Fallout 3 demo starts with the controller needed to be plugged in. You can play first and third person. You can play in real-time or in VATs (stops everything and allows you to shoot). You can hack turrets much like Bioshock, which it does remind me alot of. Ends it by saying that the downloadable content will be exclusive to 360 and PC.

1:46pm EDT
Resident Evil 5 shown playable for the first time. Online co-op is also being showed off. It appears you can’t move and aim which saddens me. Demo ends with chain saw wielding guy, they claim to be out of time. Friday the 13th on March of 2009 is the announced released date.

1:51pm EDT
Fable 2 is finished! Intro for the game is shown, starts with a kid being shat on by a bird. Freinds show up as orbs in game, you can have them pop-in the game instantly! He ends the demo by showing of his family and announces the game will come out in October of this year.

1:57pm EDT
Epic Gears of War 2 trailer is shown. Cliff Bleszinski comes and demos a co-op mission. The game looks better then the first, 2 buildings got destroyed! Demo ends with Marcus saying they can ride the Brumac. Horde is a new 5 player co-op mode with waves of Locust coming at you. Worldwide release is set for November 7th 2008.

2:05pm EDT
Games are announced to be bigger then DVD movies, the box office and music. 360 5 million units ahead of PS3, $2.2 billion made from 3rd parties higher then any other system. One billion dollars spent on XBLA content. 16 million users registered on Live. NBC and Universal Studios announced as new video partners.

2:13pm EDT
The new Xbox Experience is announced, the dashboard is totally changed! You can create avatars but like Mii’s. A new avatar party system looks tight, you can go everywhere and talk with up to 8 people. Primetime is a new tv/game area where you can win real prizes. They showed off 1 vs. 100 an interactive game show.

2:21pm EDT
XBLA section – Uno Rush unveiled. Geometry Wars 2 announced, features new 4 player co-op mode. Galaga Legions is the true sequel to Galaga and coming out on XBLA next month. Portal Still Alive sorta leaked earlier. South Park game coming in 2009.

2:26pm EDT
Xbox 360 will allow Netflix cross-compatibility! You can watch them along with all the other movies and TV shows you might have with your party.

2:28pm EDT
Shane Kim comes out to talk about stats and stuff. GTAIV episodic content coming this year. New Banjo-Kazooie trailer is shown, along with a new Viva Pinata trailer. 2 new games announced, You’re In The Movies and Scene-It Box Office which supports your avatars.

2:37pm EDT
3.5 million songs downloaded per month, 80% of songs on consoles sold on 360. Guitar Hero: World Tour being talked about right now. Claims to be the game with the most master tracks coming in at 85 songs. New song creation mode, which we’ve known about. Metallica’s new album will debut on GH:WT at the same time the album comes out, Van Halen and the Eagles exclusive to GH.

2:45pm EDT
Lips, the game everyone already knew about, got revealed officially. It’s a karaoke game, available this holiday season. Allows you to sing from your own music library.

2:52pm EDT
Rock Band 2 will premier exclusively on Xbox 360 this September. 84 songs on disc. Noteworthy songs, Rock Band 2 will debut a Chinese Democracy track. Bob Dylan, ACDC (exclusive to RB), Metallica, Pearl Jam, Megadeth, alot more! 20 bonus track free to download. All the RB downloadables will work with it, all the Rock Band disc songs will also transfer over.

2:56pm EDT
Square Enix President is there!? Infinite Undiscovery will be 360 exclusive coming out in September 2nd in North America. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is coming out in Spring 2009. The Last Remnant will be available on the 360 first on the 20th of November and will also be on Games for Windows. Right when we thought he left, he came back and announced Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the 360.

3:05pm EDT
The conference wraps up.