Removed From Play #48 – 10 Most Frustrating Moments in Gaming

This week we talk about MLG Summer Fighting Arena, Crunchyroll app now available on the PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto 1 & III get remade in the Rage engine, our 10 Most Frustrating Moments in Gaming and much more.

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Best Buy Site Leaks PS Vita Date?

Has the Best Buy site leaked the PS Vita date? It seems that way as the site says: “This product is scheduled to arrive in our warehouse on 03/30/2012”. March 30th, 2012 –Uh? For me the date doesn’t really matter as I will bite my barren wallet and make the purchase as soon as it comes out. No word from Sony as of yet, so this is all speculation right now. We definitely know the device won’t be out here in 2011, so anything in the first quarter is possible in my opinion.

NOTE: The 3G version is listed as the same date. Just in case they take down the link.

Best Buy Canada Site

News Wrap-Up: August 4th, 2011

PlayStation CEO Kazuo Hirai has revealed today that the PS Vita will not be ready to ship in Europe and North America in 2011. The slick looking machine will only be out in Japan this year. He also commented on the 3DS price drop saying: “We packed so much into the device and made it very affordable, there is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.”

Microsoft is phasing out the glossy look to the new-ish Xbox 360 S. The matte finish that was previously available with the 4GB version of the console, will now be made in the 250gb variety as well.

The Doom 3 source code is set to be released after Rage is out. This is according to John Carmack himself, speaking at his keynote at QuakeCon. It’ll be interesting to see what people can do with that engine.

I don’t know why Sony keeps making this, but there’s a third season of The Tester coming to the Playstation Network. Yay?

Forza Motorsport 4 has a new trailer out, detailing the new Bernese Alps track. It has to be some of the best graphics ever seen on any console, you can check it out here.

Looks like Torchlight 2 is too big to fit under XBLA’s file size limit. According to the Runic Games CEO, Max Schaefer said the studio has shifted their focus on the MacOS port after the PC version is out. They haven’t ruled out a 360 release, even mentioning a possible retail release.

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports for the past four years, has been promoted to Electronic Arts’ chief operating officer. This position has been empty since April, after John Schappert left for Zynga. Congrats to Peter Moore, I think everyone will agree that he is a great personality and a valuable asset to EA.