Removed From Play #97 – The Best and Worst of the Last Generation of Gaming

On this last episode of the year we talk all about the last generation of gaming.

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News Wrap-Up: August 17th, 2011

The Gamescom news shit storm continues today! I’ll do like I did for yesterday and just post all the trailers together. Rachet & Clank: All 4 One, Need For Speed: The Run, WildStar, PS Vita LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Dead Rising 2 Off The Record, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, X-Men: Destiny, Prototype 2, Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, Guild Wars 2 and Sonic Generations.

A new screen for Borderlands 2 has been released to the public, it shows off what the gameplay might look like, stunning photo!

A new Wii has been announced, it’s been stripped of GameCube backwards compatibility. I guess it’s for Nintendo to save money, whatever the case may be, there’s no plans for it coming to North America (Europe region only). A photo has been leaked though, and seems like it’ll be bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Party.

Tekken 3D Prime Edition got unveiled at Gamescom, it’s coming to the 3DS (d’uh) and will come packaged with the Tekken: Vengeance CG movie on the actual game cart. No word on whether or not the movie will be view-able in 3D.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword got a firm release date today, mark your calenders for November 20th Wii fans!

Originally announced as a PlayStation exclusive, Silent Hill: HD Collection is also making it’s way onto the Xbox 360. It features HD versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3 with new voice acting and Achievements and Trophies.

A new patch for Warcraft: Cataclysm is coming that will allow you to battle Deathwing. It will also include three new five-player dungeons, a new raid and some cool new Ethereal-powered abilities.

Yesterday’s PS3 price-drop of $249 has also reduced the system’s 320gb variety. It’s already been spotted on Amazon and Newegg, it comes bundled with inFAMOUS 2, totally worth it in my opinion.

Blizzard game director Jay Wilson said during a Gamescom press conference today, that he expects the Diablo III beta to hit in September, if not sooner. The game still has no official release date.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has challenged Bethesda to a 3v3 Quake match, after he got handed papers telling him to not use the Scrolls name. Bethesda is claiming that the name is too similar to their Elder’s Scrolls title. In any case, if Notch wins, he wants them to drop the lawsuit and if Bethesda wins he’ll switch the name. Good stuff Notch, gotta love him.

Gabe Newell spoke about the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 protesters that were outside his Valve offices a few weeks ago, while he was at Gamescom. “They wanted to know when Episode Three was coming out,” Gabe said. “I said ‘I can’t tell you.’ And they were, like, ‘Okay‚Ķ’ We then asked them how many sodas they had, they only had two, so we sent them some sodas and some pizza.” The group also got a tour of Valve’s offices and some hands-on time with Dota 2. “We needed people to test,” he explained. “The cops showed up after someone else in the building called the police. He rode up on his Segway, but it turns out [the cop] was a big Half-Life fan. So he completely understood where they were coming from and didn’t chase them off.” His last words about it were “We miss them,” funny stuff Mr. Newell.

Community manager for Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will indeed have support for dedicated servers on the PC. That’s great news for the competitive scene, as it was sorely missed in the last title.

News Wrap-Up: August 12th, 2011


Check out this footage of the God of War: Origins Collection. If you didn’t already know it brings over the 2 PSP games over to a PS3 Blu-ray disc. It looks pretty fantastic, you can check out more details over at the PlayStation blog.

Developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi hit YouTube today, to let everyone know that his game Child of Eden will release on the PS3, September 27th. It’ll support the Move controller and also have 3DTV support.

Gotham City Imposters just released a new trailer showcasing the comical character customization. The concept of the game still confuses me a bit, but it’s looking fairly good.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rumors were both started and confirmed overnight it seems. Valve said that “CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.” The game is slated to hit shelves in early 2012, and will be available for PC, 360 and PS3. “Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999,” Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi said in today’s announcement. “For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS‘ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac.”

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson is getting hitched today. In celebration, everyone who buys the game over the weekend will receive another copy to gift to a buddy or significant other. You can go buy a copy for $15 over at their site.

If you want to play the full Rage experience, you’re going to have to buy it new! Yes, that’s right, id is (sorta) hopping on the “online pass” bandwagon. They’ve gone a different way with it though, there will be a sewer system in the game available to only those who purchase it new. No idea how it will work really…

News Wrap-Up: August 11th, 2011

To no one’s surprise, DICE announced via their blog that Battlefield 3 will require an Origin account. So if you don’t already have an account, and you want to play BF3, you might as well create one now.

Saints Row: The Third has just released some new in-game footage, just adding to the already over-the-top nature of the game. You can go check it out on YouTube here.

Google adds video games to their plus social network. It’s first roll out of games will include 16 games such as, Rovio’s Angry Birds, PopCap Games’ Bejeweled Blitz, BioWare’s Dragon Age Legends. You can go check out the full details on their blog.

Grand Slam Tennis, a Wii exclusive EA Sports title, is getting a sequel on the PS3 and 360. It’ll feature total racquet control, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s dual analog, much like the NHL series. The PS3 version will also have PS Move support. It’s the first time a video game will feature all 4 Grand Slam courts, as well as the first time Wimbledon’s center court will appear in any game. The tennis video game competition seems to be heating up, with great titles like Virtua Tennis and Top Spin available to players. It’ll be interesting to see if we get a clear-cut winner. Grand Slam Tennis 2 will be out in 2012.

LG had placed a patent infridgment lawsuit on PS3 a while ago. Well now Sony and LG has agreed to terms out-of-court. The settlement was undisclosed. LG was claiming that they infidged on some sort of Bluray patent.